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H 300 C -sarja

Lämpösaattolinja vaihdettavalla PTFE sisäletkulla ja ruuvattavilla liittimillä

Application potential: Maintaining the temperature of probe lines for motor exhaust, CO2 measurements, industrial exhaust gasses, blast furnace exhaust gasses, air testing, etc.

The special fittings made of 1.4571 steel prevent the movement or kinking of the PTFE core at the end of the analysis heating hose. A compression ring fitting can be attached. Strain relief is accomplished by way of the outer braid.

Operating temperature max. 100°C, 200°C, 250°C
Rated voltage 230 V AC/DC (other voltages up to 500 V)
Power rating Watt/metre, see type codes
Inner core DN 4 – 12mm PFA or PTFE. see Inner cores Analytical
Connection fitting RSL special fitting 1.4571 stainless steel, screwed without transition
Heating heating conductor, structure according to DIN, moisture-proof with PE conductor
Thermal insulation heat stabilized, closed-pore silicone foam, thermal fleece or elastomer foam
Outer protective braiding polyamide black, options - see Outer protection
Hose end caps PA hard cap or elastomer cap
Temperature sensor Fe-CuNi type J, NiCr-Ni type K, PT 100 and integral control system (HTI) possible
Connection cable 3 m
Plug connection according to specification
Production lengths up to 100 m
Ingress protection IP44 (EN 60529), protection class I
Tolerance ±10°C

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H300 -sarja

Analyysimittausten näytelinja 
Käyttökohteet: Näytekaasun lämpösaatto moottori testilanoratorioissa, CO2 -mittauksissa, teollisissa poistokaasuissa, polttokattiloiden poistokaasuissa, ilmanlaadun mittauksissa, ympäristömittauksissa, yms.
Kuuma näytteenottolinja estää kondenssin muodostumsta tai lämpötilan..

HAF -sarja

Lämpösaattolinja integrioidulla suodattimella

Application potential: Portable measuring instruments, TÜV (technical inspection agencies) application.
Analytical heating hose systems with integrated filter are an advanced development of the previous separated systems of heated hose and heated filter..
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