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O2 MD 04 -ZrO2 -happimittari

Valmistaja: Dr. Födisch AG  

Fields of application
The O2MD 04 can be applied for the measurement of the oxygen concentration in smoke, process and cover gases as well as for the mixture and production of special inert gases. Then the concentration of the free oxygen is measured.

Application and function
The oxygen measuring device O2MD 04 consists of an in-situ-probe with evaluation electronics and measuring value display in the probe head. The measuring gas flows through the measuring chamber of the probe rod. The core piece of the oxygen measuring device O2MD 04 is a potentiometric ZrO2-sensor. The probe is equipped with a regulated sensor heating and a high-quality electronic which provides the sensor signal (= oxygen concentration) as standard signal.

  • Compact device consisting of probe
  • Simple assembly:
    • Probe: 1“-sleeve (DIN 2986)
  • Analog outputs:
    • Oxygen: 4 ... 20 mA
  • Digital outputs (potential-free):
    • Limit value 1 (adjustable)
    • Limit value 2 (adjustable) / maintenance request
    • Failure/Maintenance
  • Online line diagram
  • Display in Vol%

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