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PMA 100, M&C TechGroup, paramagneettinen happianalysaattori

PMA 100, M&C TechGroup

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Safety in operation
High accuracy and reliability
Physical measuring principle, linear measuring ranges
Patented measuring cell, fast response time
Transducer unit temperature controlled at +55°C
Solid 19“ metal housing
Large LCD- indicator with background lighting
Selectable time constant for noise damping if needed for unstable process conditions
4 free selectable O2 measuring ranges, including zero suppression, lowest span 1%
Analogue signal memory during adjusting and calibration
Manual, automatic or remote range control
Manual / automatic calibration
User friedly menu control corresponding to NAMUR recommendations
3 code levels, access to 2 code levels only with release code
Isolated output signal 0/4-20 mA
Interface RS 232 type
4 configurable MIN. or MAX. oxygen level alarms
Flow alarm monitoring
4 free configurable isolated binary inputs, for example:  alarm confirmation, measuring range control, autocalibration start
4 free configurable potential free relay contact outputs, for example: oxygen level alarm
Process pressure measuring and compensation
Option: interface RS 485 type
Due to the extremely fast response time of the patented M&C magneto-dynamic measuring cell with no stagnant volume as well as the negligible cross sensitivity from other sample gas components, the M&C oxygen-analyser PMA 100 has a wide variety of applications. The analyser is a suitable and reliable instrument for monitoring oxygen concentrations in various gas analytical process control applications including flue gas measurements, inert gas installations, fermentation processes and laboratory process control installations.

Tuote: PMA100