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OILCHECK Jäännösöljymäärä analysaattori


Jäännösöljyn määrämittaus OILCHECK, ISO 8573 mukaan - kiinteä asennus

The residual oil content sensor OIL check measures the vaporous residual oil content in the compressed air. By means of a sample taking a representative part volume flow is taken from the compressed air and led to the OIL check. Due to the continuous measurement threshold value exceeding will be recognized immediately and remedial actions initiated.

Stationary solution in combination with the DS 400

  • OIL-Check residual oil content measurement for vaporous residual oil content (DN 20 - DN 40), 3-16 bar, measuring range < 0.01...5.000 mg/m³, including sampling probe (DN 20 - DN 40), inspection certificate, 4...20 mA analogue output
  • OIL-Check measuring section for sampling (DN 20, 3/4", 16 bar, stainless steel, outer diameter 26.9 mm, outer thread R 3/4") please find further measuring sections at data sheet
  • Ball valve G 3/8" incl. connection fittings for installation between sampling probe and OIL-Check, cleaned oil- and grease-free
  • Connection plug for 4...20 mA analogue output
  • Connection cable 5 m
  • DS 400 chart recorder with graphic display and touch screen
  • Option: Integrated data logger for 100 million measured values
  • Option: Integrated ethernet and RS 485 interface
  • CS Soft Basic - data evaluation in graphic and table form - reading out of the measured data via USB or Ethernet

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Ulostulo signaali: 4...20 mA, 2-johdin
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